Who is Små Isbjørn’s

Since 1990 Små Isbjørn’s has been registered in 1. DEKZV e. V. (FIFe) as a hobby breeder. “Små Isbjørn’s” is Norwegian and means “Small Polar Bears” that is consistent with my heartfelt wish to breed “small” white Norwegian Forest Cats, and for the moment, to preserve them at any cost.

More to this subject at the “Schneesturm-homepage”

At home with me I have seven females, one male, and two neutralized females – keeping it quite manageable now and in the future. Quality means more to me – both regarding quality of life and when it comes to breeding and nursing the young ones.

No large-scale or mass breeding. Every single cat is an individual and is treated as such. My queens have no more than one litter a year at maximum. There is more to life than just having kittens and get furious over cat shows. All my cats – the females, the male and the neutralised live together with me – meaning: no separate life for the male cat.

In addition to that my cats are allowed to enter my “cat proof” fenced about 150 square meter “big” garden to romp about or lazy sun themselves – according to their mood. The owner patiently – sometimes more than other times – plays the doorkeeper regarding the weather and their lordships’s wishes. In the summer time we enjoy the garden together whether it concerns party time or garden work because they are most helpful also with those things. More to that in “Safe haven”.

My small hobby breeding concentrates mainly on blotched tabby preferably with silver and/or multi coloured but also the true all white polar bears are popular.

My “small polar bears” race though my entire apartment including my bed and are being “educated” to self conceited, spoiled and extremely playful small “monsters” . When the kittens are at least 16 weeks old I bring them to their new owners. None of my kittens are shipped like a parcel or delivered from cat shows. I also keep in touch with the new “parents” for a lifetime.

Vaccination against feline infectious enteritis, infectious respiratory diseases, feline leukemia, and rabies is for me a matter of course. Papers from 1. DEKZV e. V. comes with the cats.

If we have woken your interest please call or send us an e-mail – we also appreciate what is written in the guestbook.

You can also find us in “Zuchtbuch” 2000 and 2001 – we are not without a few acceptable results.