Små Isbjørn's kitten


We are searching for a lovely home


Små Isbjørn's Novalis Nobelprinz Nassak
- white green eye -  male -


Små Isbjørn's Manitu Mondfeder Makasit
- black tabby mackerel -  male -




If you're interested in one of my kittens, 
please call me under 04183 / 77 38 60 or contact me via

A kitten from Små-Isbjørn´s

There is not that many children of Sma-Isbjoern’s in breeders’ homes, it has nothing to do with the quality of my kittens but rather with my somewhat extreme demands to any breeder.

I do not wish to see any of my kittens as a mean to achieve something, and then be thrown out, when it has fulfilled its duties. Neither do I wish to see any of my male cats confined to his room separated from his family – or see a female cat having one litter after another (even though one keeps to the guidelines for breeding) I think 3 litters in 2 years is too many.

That is why I prefer to sell my cats to people who have no intentions of breeding with them, but just buy them as pets, in such families they will be loved without any reservation, and they have a good home – their whole lives.

If you should meet one of my kittens in the home of a breeder, you can be sure, those people have had to answer to many questions, and had a the patience of a saint, to convince me, they are serious and live with their ani

Nothing goes without a contract; it has been scrutinized and approved of paragraph by paragraph by a lawyer. If it has to be, I will not hesitate to use it.

I value it highly to learn to know personally the buyers of my kittens, and am therefore prepared to let interested buyers visit their kitten once a week. You learn to know each other quite well over a cup of coffee or tea, and the adoptive parent can form an impression of the place their kitten comes from. They hopefully bring home a positive impression from the nursery, and I will not have to bring my kitten to total strangers, which makes all of it easier for me.

I value a lifelong contact with my kittens highly, also if problems, illness, a bad habit, or the like should appear; I would like to help, give advice or simply give comfort. It is not without importance for me what happens to the Smaa Isbjoern’s kittens through the years. Every single kitten born here and raised with love from their cat mothers, their father and last but not least me, has the claim of a protected, healthy, and happy life; and I gladly carry the responsibility I took upon me, when they were born.

That means especially, I will take a kitten back, if it is in need of a new home (regardless for what reason). I have promised myself, none of my “children” will have to end their lives at an animal shelter. I do hope I can stick to my principle.